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Lift Chair Store gets Dual Motor Lift Chairs!

May 19, 2011, - Savannah, GA – The Lift Chair Store, an online retailer of lift chairs and bath lifts, is proud to announce the newest technological advancement from Pride Mobility. The Lift Chair Store will now be carrying lift chairs that carry Pride Mobility’s new Dual Motor Sync System technology.

“We are proud to be carrying this new technology,” says Tim Ziehwein, The Lift Chair Store’s Vice President of sales. “We’ve seen dual motor lift chairs in the past fall out of sync, but this newest technology seems to fix this issue.”

Dual Motor technology is something that has been designed and used in lift chairs for a while, however most lift chairs that have this technology require that they be calibrated by hand over time. Pride Mobility, however seems to have fixed this recent issue by creating a sync system that realigns the motors when they become out of sync.

“No longer will we have to calibrate lift chairs by hand. This is a huge advancement in lift chair technology!”

The Lift Chair Store will carry two models that use the Dual Motor Sync System, the GL-358XL and the GL-358XXL, which uses this new technology.

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