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Testimonials From Our Customers

Lift Chair Store Testimonials
  • Dick Shaw from Amarillo, TX writes, "

    Well done on the chair. It arrived while we were still in Amarillo and we had no problems putting it together. My mother-in-law is still in rehab, but she's very excited about her new lift chair.

    You did what you said you would do and that is extremely rare these days. I'll be sure to pass the word.

    Best regards, A satisfied customer,

  • G. McDonald from Girard, PA writes, "

    I just want to thank you for everything and to let you know that you helped me to help someone who really needed help. These two wonderful people have been struggling due to some medical issues which caused Bill to not be able to get out of his old chair without his wife pulling him. He said to us while we were visiting, "I have to get out of my hole..."

    Thank you for helping me to help them. I had contacted two other companies without success, but when I talked to you I knew I was at the right place. May God bless you in the future for you have blessed four people this week.

    Thank you again for the assistance and the good sales assistance you gave me. Bill and Ethel were more then surprised and pleased with that chair.

  • Eilene Williams from Georgia writes, "Thank you for being such a great sales person. If you are the manager, way to go! If you are an employee, you deserve an award. Thanks again for your patience and assistance. Looking forward to my husband's lift recliner soon."
  • Cheri W from USA writes, "Thanks so much for your wonderful service. We received the lift chair in just 2 days and it is wonderful. It is a very high quality chair and works beautifully. Thanks again for all your help."
  • Martha C from Clovis, NM writes, "We got the liftchair yesterday and we are very pleased with it. My mom can now get herself out of her chair, without my help! It is a life saver for Mom and me - I have getting her out of her chair for three years, and this liftchair will save my back now too. Thank you again for your help getting this liftchair for Mom."
  • Tim C. from Waukegan, IL writes, "Just wanted to let you know we received our Pride lift chair in 3 days! I installed it today and I was impressed as to the quality of the product and ease of installation. Thank you again for the timely delivery."
  • Rebecca Burns from U.S. writes, "I would like to thank you so much for the prompt response to our request regarding the Golden lift chair. My uncle received it within days of the purchase. He is extremely satisfied with the quality of the product, and is able to get up by himself."
  • George G from Washington DC writes, "You guys are the best! I was told 7-10 days for delivery and it arrived in 3 days. What a pleasant surprise to get the lift recliner early. The trucking company called to set up delivery and everything worked out great. Glad we found your web site."
  • Tom K from Las Vegas writes, "I ordered a chair for my mom in Atlanta GA, I live in Las Vegas. Mike was my salesman and everything happened just like he said. I ordered the set up for the chair. The liftchair was delivered inside - my mom called the set up guy, and he came over, set up the chair for her, and hauled off the cardboard. First class operation - I could not have gotten her a liftchair without this excellent service!"
  • Mary P from MPLS, MN writes, "Wow, thank you for the great service. Our lift chair was delivered in less than a week. We really love the chair, thank you so much."
  • Jason B from Kentucky writes, "We bought a Luxury LL-450 last week. I don't know how we got along without it. It doesn't look out of place, but merely another piece of furniture in our living room. But it is Much more than that. I can now sit with the knowledge that getting back up will be a breeze. Thank you so much!"