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Need help making sense of the different types of lift chairs?

One Positionone position lift chair

One position chairs, also known as lift-only chairs, are the most basic of all lift chairs. They are designed to be very similar to the wingback chairs or dinner chairs you may already have in your home, except they come with a lift mechanism to help you get into and out of the chair. We recommend them to people who do not want a reclining chair or to those who want a chair that blends in more with their existing furniture. Because they do not recline, one position chairs are also priced very affordably.

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Two Positiontwo position lift chair

Two position or "partial recline" lift chairs include a lift mechanism to assist you in getting into and out of the chair and are capable of reclining to a nearly 45 degree angle. Footrest or automan extends with backrest.

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Three Positionthree position lift chair

Three position lift chairs can be adjusted from a standard sitting position, to a TV recline, or to a nearly full recline or "napping" position. These lift chairs are among the most popular models and offer the perfect mix of features and affordability.

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Infinite Positioninfinite position lift chair

Infinite Position lift chairs offer the most choice in recline positions and can recline to a nearly horizontal position making these lift chairs perfect for those who spend extended periods of time in their lift chair. In addition, infinite position lift chairs are capable of independent back and footrest control allowing you even greater control.

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Zero Gravity Positionzero gravity lift chair

Zero Gravity position lift chairs have dual motors like infinite position lift chairs, but add the ability to recline into the "Zero Gravity Position". This position puts your legs above your heart and creates an open angle between your torso and thighs. This position is often recommended for people who have circulation issues, lower back pain, or reduced lung capacity.

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