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Golden Lift Chairs

Golden Technologies humbly started out of a garage in 1985 but has since grown and now operates out of a 122,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Golden's growth can be attributed to their commitment to building high quality chairs, chairs designed to meet the many needs of their customers. Golden Technologies lift chairs encompass every possible option on the lift chair market, whether your priority is positioning, fabric color, or space-saving capabilities. Contact our specialists today at 1 (800) 791-2407 and begin your search for the perfect Golden lift chair!


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  • Golden Comforter Series

    Golden Comforter Series

    Golden Comforter Series lift chairs are built in 10 sizes. This means there is a Comforter Series lift chair for you. Not only will it fit great, it will also give you exceptional back and leg support.
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  • Golden MaxiComfort Series

    Golden MaxiComfort Series

    With the MaxiComfort Series, Golden has developed technology that will leave you more relaxed and more refreshed in your chair. How does it work? MaxiComfort technology allows you to choose more positions and makes those positions more comfortable than any other lift chair by reducing back pressure and increasing circulation.
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  • Golden Signature Series

    Golden Signature Series

    Signature Series lift chairs from Golden include a variety of models to meet your needs. Wall hugger lift chairs, lift chairs with small conveniences such as flip-up arms, and even lift chairs with customizable cushions are available to give you the features you want.
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  • Golden Traditional Series

    Golden Traditional Series

    Traditional Series lift chairs from Golden are stunning lift chairs covered with luxurious fabric. Choose a Traditional Series chair and you will get a chair with classic styling that adds to any room.
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  • Golden Value Series

    Golden Value Series

    Value Series lift chairs are the comfortable and reliable lift chair you have been looking for. What's more, they come at a fantastic price.
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