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UPEASY Seat Assist - Plastic Seat with Cover - UPE1

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UPEASY Seat Assist - Plastic Seat with Cover - UPE1
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The UPEASY Seat Assist is a portable lifting device that can turn almost any seating surface into a lift chair. It has no motors and requires no batteries or electrical connection. It is a mechanical lifting device that eases you into your seat as you sit down and gently raises you off the seat when you get up. The UPE1 lifts up to 80% of your body's weight, from 95-220 lbs. The seat is plastic and comes with a removable, machine washable polyester cover.

Please note the following about all portable Seat Lift products:

  • Seat Lifts are not intended to replace a Lift Chair.
  • Seat Lifts are comfortable for, at most, a couple of hours at a time.
  • Seat Lifts do not work well on soft surfaces such as a couch.

If you intend to use a Seat Lift regularly for more than an hour at a time, we highly recommend a Lift Chair. In fact, a Seat Lift makes a good companion for Lift Chair users as it can give you a lift away from home, such as when eating dinner out or for a short visit at a family or friend's home.

Seat Width17"
Seat Depth19"
Base Width15"
Base Depth16"
Min User Weight95 lb
Max User Weight220 lb
Unit Weight9 lb

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