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UpLift Seat Assist - Memory Foam Seat - MED-UL100

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UpLift Seat Assist - Memory Foam Seat - MED-UL100
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The UpLift Seat Assist is a portable lifting device that can turn almost any seating surface into a lift chair. The UpLift Seat Assist has no motors and requires no batteries or electrical connection. It is a mechanical lifting device that eases you into your seat as you sit down and gently raises you off the seat when you get up. The UL100 lifts up to 80% of your body's weight, from 80-230 lbs. Yet it only weighs 9 pounds itself. The seat has a memory foam cushion that molds to your body and a waterproof cover that can be wiped down with soap and water or machine washed. Take the UpLift Seat Assist wherever you go and restore your independence.

Please note the following about all portable Seat Lift products:

  • Seat Lifts are not intended to replace a Lift Chair.
  • Seat Lifts are comfortable for, at most, a couple of hours at a time.
  • Seat Lifts do not work well on soft surfaces such as a couch.

If you intend to use a Seat Lift regularly for more than an hour at a time, we highly recommend a Lift Chair. In fact, a Seat Lift makes a good companion for Lift Chair users as it can give you a lift away from home, such as when eating dinner out or for a short visit at a family or friend's home.

Seat Width17"
Seat Depth19"
Base Width15"
Base Depth16"
Min User Weight80 lb
Max User Weight230 lb
Unit Weight9 lb

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